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Login Help

Web Browser Settings

The login page and the other web pages on this site require that your web browser

Applicants and Incoming Students

If you are an applicant or an incoming student, be sure that you enter your username and PIN on the login page exactly as presented to you in the notice from the Admissions Office. Please note that the username and PIN are case sensitive.

All Other Users

If you are an enrolled student, administrator, staff member, or faculty member using the username and password login page, enter your name and password from the Dartmouth Name Directory. This is the same name and password that you would use to log into BlitzMail.

Certificates, eTokens, and Kerberos

If you have a Dartmouth PKI certificate or eToken installed on your machine and web browser, you should be able to access Banner Web applications on- or off-campus without entering a username and PIN on the login page.

If you are on the campus network, are on a PC, and have Kerberos/Sidecar running, then you should also be able to access Banner Web applications without entering a username and PIN.

In these circumstances, you should be routed directly to the initial menu without seeing a login page.

Need Your Username and PIN?

Applicants should see a link on the login page that will take them to a form they can use to retrieve their assigned username and PIN.

A Note About Macintoshes

If you are using a Macintosh, we suggest that you use Safari, Firefox, or Netscape to access the Banner Web pages. Internet Explorer is no longer supported on Macintoshes and Banner Web pages may not display or function properly on Internet Explorer.

Questions? Problems?

If you have followed these instructions and are still unable to log in, you can email us:

Undergraduate Applicants: admissions.application@dartmouth.edu
Undergraduate Incoming Class: dean.of.undergraduate.students@dartmouth.edu
Tuck Incoming Class: MBA.program.office@dartmouth.edu
All Others: help@dartmouth.edu